The Old Vienna Listening Room

The Old Vienna Kaffeehaus was a legendary music venue in downtown Westborough, MA featuring national folk/acoustic artists and serving as a breeding ground for emerging artists in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Sadly, it closed in 1996, leaving a huge void in the New England music scene.



circa 1989

In 2017 Westborough celebrated its 300th anniversary and the 1717 Shoppe opened to raise funds to mark the occasion.  It was there that I found the outdoor Old Vienna Kaffeehaus sign. It wasn’t in the best of condition but I bought it with the intention of paying tribute to the Old Vienna by mounting it to a wall in my company facility, setting up a stage and sound system music and hosting music events. Thus the “Old Vienna Listening Room” was born. 

There isn’t any grand plan going forward and I’m not looking to turn it into a full-time venue. For now we’ll just play it by ear (pun intended) and have fun with it. I’m open to suggestions as far as events go.  Any profits will go to local charities. 

We’ve got the stage, the lights, the sound system, the tables and the chairs.  But most importantly – we have the sign!   

 Stay tuned…

 Tom Potosnak